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Ho! Ho! Oh!






Ballet Dancer Faren MacMahon has been getting teased and bullied by his next door neighbor Nick Sexton since they were kids. But Faren gets the surprise of his life when the handsome business executive kisses him one night at a club. Faren has been out of the closet for years but he never suspected that his nemesis might be gay. Did Nick kiss him because he likes him or is it just another way to tease him? And if the latter was true, why did Nick Sexton have an erection?

Nick Sexton never considered red-haired, green eyed and freckled Faren date material. In fact, he hated the fact that Faren’s mother forced him to take dancing lessons instead of letting him play manly sports like the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. Nineteen years later Faren is now the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet and Nick’s feelings has changed. Now his body heats at the sight of the fetching dancer. Is lusting after a guy who wears a unitard and dances in the Nutcracker going to be bad for his corporate image? Or is he going to get a special kiss under the mistletoe this year?




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