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High and Dry

Shannon West

Turbulent times are in store for the Royal Family on Moravia. The wedding of Prince Vannos to Moravian King Stephan is imminent but with all the power struggles and palace intrigue taking place, will the wedding be able to proceed as planned? High King Davos, Prince Mikos and Commander Tallon have arrived for the celebrations but also to reclaim their Mates. And even though the Commander is still fighting is overwhelming attraction to Redmond, Vannos’s aide, he has a devious and intricate plot to resolve all their situations once and for all.  But how will Ryan react to Prince Mikos’s dictate of having another baby to calm him down and keeping away from causing problems? And how will the gorgeous Blake react to King Davos laying down the law over his disobedience in sneaking off to Moravia on his own? Mating with a Tyger Prince is always a challenge, especially when that Tyger is a gorgeous, powerful Royal, who is determined to have his own way. Can Ryan, Blake and Redmond not only outlast but also outwit their Mates to find happiness or will the challenge prove too great? A shocking wedding rehearsal and a tense showdown during the wedding reception has not only serious, but potentially life-threatening consequences for some. And as if that’s not enough, Blake is having flashbacks and remembering the time he first met Davos and how their tumultuous relationship first began. It’s going to take all the humans’ ingenuity, courage and determination to come out on top but also to remind their Mates why they fell in love with them in the first place.


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