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Holding Out for a Hero

Despite his good looks and sweet personality, Lance is convinced his Asperger’s gives him power--like the power to make people treat him differently. His mother told him he was special and that people would always misunderstand. That’s why she gave him an ancient necklace and a special cape to wear under his clothes because she was dying and wouldn’t be around to help him anymore. The necklace and cape do give him certain powers, like strength and speed and the ability to see the Shadow Men, nasty creatures who have begun congregating in large numbers all over town. When he sees a group of Dragons and their witches being attacked by the creatures, he jumps in to help, like a true super hero should and gets much more than he bargained for.

Sebastien is a Golden Dragon and typical of the breed—imperious, pushy, arrogant and gorgeous. He takes Lance with him to protect him, but he has no idea who Lance really is and who the powerful forces are that wish to steal Lance’s powers. Luca and the others are on hand to help navigate this dangerous, unknown force, but it will take the combined powers of them all to defeat it and cast away forever the source of Lance’s powers - which can bring great good or terrible evil and destruction to the entire world.



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