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HAUNTED (Witches of the Big Easy)

 Susan E. Scott

Rafe is living alone in the big empty house known as Ravenwood now that his brother Thibeau has moved to New York. But is it really empty? A ghostly presence roams the house and strange knockings sound on the walls at night. Worst of all are the sightings of a man who looks very much like his dead uncle at the edge of the woods behind the house—the dead uncle who killed his grandfather and did his best to destroy Rafe’s entire family. On top of everything else, his relationship with Detective Gage Arceneau is probably going nowhere. Rafe can’t seem to work up the courage to tell Gage he’s a powerful witch from a long line of witches. Especially after Gage’s assertion that there’s no such thing as magic and “all that hocus pocus.”

Gage has been busy investigating a string of murders involving elderly women in the city, and though he tries to spend time with the gorgeous Rafe, his work keeps getting in the way. Secrets and lies separate them and keep them apart, while the shadows around Ravenwood grow deeper every day. Ghostly apparitions, an evil book of spells and continuing mystery surrounding Rafe's grandfather’s death threaten to engulf them both and drag them under. In an entire city where the veil between the living and the dead is thin at best, Gage has to decide where his priorities lie and if he can learn to trust his heart, find love and live to tell the tale.


Coming Sept12th exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!


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