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Goldi and the Bears





When Lt. Goldin crashes his spaceship on an unnamed planet during a battle with the vicious Delfers, he thinks he’s lucky just to be alive—then he’s carried away by a huge bear who calls him Goldi.


When he awakes, a gorgeous man, not a bear, is sitting by his side, tending to him, and later making passionate love to Goldin. The next morning, he realizes that not one but two men have been caring for him—twins, who spend most of their time making love to him and protecting him from the vicious Delfers.


His rescuers are bear shifters, betrothed to the king of the Bear Clan, the powerful Shaara, who is none too pleased that Goldin has come between him and his mates. When the king makes Goldin a propostion, Mark must decide how far he’s willing to go to appease the handsome king and save his mates.

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