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Full Fathoms Five (Fairy Dusted #3)

Shannon West

The first time Bryn Coraline, grandson of King Sameal Coraline, of Hy Brasil, the Orkney Islands and the North Sea, comes to see Kace Darkhammer, Kace slams into him on his way out of his office and the young Selkie faints dead away in his arms. Typical Fae flair for drama. But Kace soon learns that Bryn wants to hire him for a vital mission—to find his Selkie skin that’s been stolen from him as he slept. Without his skin, Bryn can’t return to his home in the sea and will be trapped on land forever.

Kace and Bryn set off to travel all over the realm, even going through the Blood Gates to the Human world, and they discover the shocking truth about Bryn’s past, a truth that is more terrible than either of them ever imagined. Using his powers as a witch and a detective, Kace manages to track down the culprit, and along the way, he develops a fierce and burning attraction to the beautiful Selkie that he knows is dangerous. Once he finds his pelt, Bryn will swim out to sea, leaving Kace behind. Yet he’s given his word to Bryn and he has to help him, even if he winds up breaking his own heart.


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