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Frozen Hearts (Game Day 1.5)

Mackenzie (Mack) Blanchard has been in a funk since his high school sweetheart ditched him. He’s surviving his lonely existence, but watching Alexander and Lincoln find true love and then seeing Trystan falling head over heels for Dakota has started to make surviving…difficult. Add the fact that he just received a wedding invitation from his ex and he can see has life collapsing all around him. Thankfully, his brother sweeps in to rescue him by issuing an invitation to join him and a group of his friends for a week-long snow skiing getaway in the Colorado Mountains. An escape – that’s just what he needs to avoid the blues he’ll certainly be suffering from this Valentine’s Day.

Sebastian has been looking forward to spending time with his friends at his cabin in the mountains but Mother Nature decides to intervene and ruin all his well-laid plans of snow skiing, drinking, and debauchery. While the rest of the group gets stranded in different parts of the country, Rory Blanchard’s little brother manages to beat the airport shutdown and lands in Colorado just as the snow storm hits.

The last thing Sebastian wants is to be stranded in a snowstorm with the only straight guy in their group of snow skiers. Unfortunately, one doesn’t always get what they want. Things turn even worse when Mackenzie manages to get himself stranded on the side of the road in ridiculously freezing temperatures. Sebastian doesn’t mind saving the day, but finds himself in serious trouble when he realizes he’s immediately smitten.

Mackenzie and Sebastian grapple in the cabin – Sebastian trying to determine if he’s imagining the hot looks Mackenzie is sending his way and Mackenzie trying to understand the messages his traitorous body is sending to his heart.
Will this be a Valentine's Day that melts both their frozen hearts?



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