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Finding Your Hero

by A.J. Kelton



Real estate mogul Roman Janiko believes weakness is something to be exploited. He made his millions doing just that, but now he's beginning to wonder if there is any good left in him. Chris Williams is on the run from an abusive boyfriend who will do whatever it takes to get back what he believes is his. Looking for a place to hide, Chris stumbles straight into Roman’s arms. Something about his sassy attitude stirs feelings in Roman that he had thought lost, but it's going to take more than words to show Chris that he has found his hero...


Excerpt of Finding Your Hero


Doctor Hayes looked at the bump on Chris’ head and inspected a cut on his cheek.


“You’re going to need an x-ray for your hand, and that cut will need some stitches,” said Doctor Hayes. “And, if you wish, we can ask your friend to come back in. I just needed to make sure that he wasn’t the one who did this to you.”

Chris looked up. “He had nothing to do with what happened to me.”


Doctor Hayes nodded and walked over to open the door. “Mr. Janiko, could you come back in here please?”


“Of course,” Roman said as hurried back into the room.


“Mr. Williams, I need you to take off your shirt,” said Doctor Hayes grabbing a hospital gown and handing it to Chris. “You can leave on your pants. You don’t have any injuries to your legs, do you?”


“My leg are fine. My hand aches and my ribs hurt but other than that I’m good.” Chris assured him.


Doctor Hayes left as Roman approached the hospital gurney. “Let me help you get your shirt off.”


Chris couldn’t look at the man who helped him on the beach and who was being so kind to him. It wasn’t normal. Nobody was this nice. Everyone that Chris had ever known had wanted or demanded something from him. It didn’t matter if he was willing or not. No, Roman wanted something, Chris decided. He just wasn’t sure what it was.


Chris let Roman pull the shirt over his head, not able to prevent the small moan that escaped his lips. He heard Roman suck in his breath. Chris was so ashamed of being so helpless that he couldn’t even look at Roman. He just sat there his hair falling into his face.

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