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Fighting Attraction

DK Lawsan

At twenty-three, Ella Ackerman thinks she has it all together. The interior design firm that she’s built from the ground up is thriving. She’s still dating Kyle, her high school sweetheart. She’s living in the greatest city in the world and has a great group of friends surrounding her. Everything seems to be going her way. Then Ella’s world is turned upside down when, out of the blue, Kyle dumps her.


Enter Cara, Ella’s best friend, who is determined to drag Ella—kicking and screaming if needed—out of the doldrums she’s fallen into after the break-up. When Cara convinces Ella to tag along one wild night to an underground fight scene, Ella soon finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rescue comes in the form of blue eyes and rugged sex appeal.


Grayson Alexander is a millionaire by day and underground street fighter by night. After their chance meeting at the fight club, Grayson makes Ella a proposition that’s almost too irresistible to refuse—be the lead designer for his new, upscale restaurant. It’s the sort of job that could make or break Ella’s career. But as Ella is drawn more and more into Grayson’s dangerous world, she discovers the greatest risk is the one to her heart.




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