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Blackwater Falls: Feeling No Pain

Shannon West and Susan E. Scott


By pulling on his leathers and entering Cuffs, the BDSM club he frequents, Holden MacKay can leave his life in Blackwater Falls behind and become "Bobby," a masochist and sexual submissive. The pain he craves soothes something deep inside him and makes him feel alive, and the role he plays in the club enables him to fully connect with his sexual self in a way he never could with traditional sex. 

But when Holden meets the aloof and sexy Dom, Sloane McClain, there’s something about the man that reaches in and grabs him right through the excesses of alcohol and drugs Holden normally indulges in.  

Could this man be the mate he's waited for, but thought he'd never find?  Holden needs to figure out if what he’s feeling is real, or if it’s all just wishful thinking. But he has more secrets than just his name, and too much to lose if anyone discovers them.  

And when someone begins killing the Doms Holden plays with and dumping their bodies outside Blackwater Falls, he has to act  not only to find the killer and protect his secrets, but to save the man he’s beginning to love more than his own life. 

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