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Fairy Dusted

When FBI agent Cole Gregory is called to his bureau chief’s office and recruited for a special task force, he is confronted with the commander of the force, a handsome, enigmatic man named Levi who makes Cole feel uneasy. Cole learns of a world beyond our own, one entered only through special Blood Gates, where Faeries and Demons rule, and where Fae and Paranormal creatures exist. The FBI has created a secret special task force to keep the Gates sealed, one headed up by Commander Levi. An astonished Cole is informed that he has been selected as a member of this force.

Slade Delaney is Cole’s best friend and former partner. When Cole suddenly goes missing and no one can explain where he is, he goes looking for him and stumbles into an open Gate, where he encounters a powerful wizard, who tries and fails to send him back to the human world.

Cole and Slade soon become caught up in a powerful war raging in the Faery Domain. When they’re both taken by the evil Faery king and slated for sacrifice, they realize they have to stick together and use all their training, a bit of luck and a lot of fairy magic to make it out of this alive.



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