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Shawn Bailey


Garner Saunderland leave the tiny town of Monroe, Louisiana for a better education and a chance to make enough money to help put his twin brothers Richard and Randall through college. After graduating he applies for a job at Rousseau International, a corporate real estate company, and ends up getting hired as a personal assistant to the company’s CEO, Brice Rousseau. Brice turns out to be not only handsome and down to earth but also interested in dating Garner.


Garner doesn’t think that he is worthy to be at the man’s side since he comes from a poor family of farmers. But Brice’s family and friends go out of their way to prove him wrong. Brice Rousseau on the other hand doesn’t care a thing about where Garner came from, only that he wants him in his future. It is love at first sight for him and he isn’t going to give up until Garner realizes that they are meant to be together.

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