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Dragon's Lair

Book three in the Dragon Prophecies series!


“A trio of Dragons, noble and Gold, a Wizard, a Wyvern and three heroes bold…”

So goes the prophecy given by Merlin in the fifth century about the seven heroes who would save the world from the rising of the Dragon Spawn. Luca, the Wyvern in question, has his Dragons and his magician, but he only has one hero so far. What he needs to fulfill his destiny is two good men, both noble and heroic. Instead he has a bad-tempered, lazy, washed-up former Wizard, and Chase, a liar, and the son of a thief.

Pendragon takes it upon himself to reform Gideon, but when Alexei learns of his new lover Chase’s betrayal, he is stunned and hurt. He was desperately in love with Chase and thought he’d found his new mate. He locks Chase away in his Dragon’s lair while he tries to decide what to do with him. With the Dragon Spawn and the Shadow men gathering nearby for the prophesied final battle, time is running short. Chase’s secret agenda has betrayed Alexei’s trust and at the eleventh hour, Gideon is kidnapped by the Spawn in an effort to turn him against Pen and make sure the Seven isn’t complete.

With violence and betrayal swirling around them, Luca and his Dragons face their enemies in the battle that will either save humankind or destroy it utterly. They soon discover that the best luck is the kind they make for themselves.



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