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Devil's Deception: Devil's Valley - Book One




While traveling, Liza Cartwright lands in Devil’s Valley and she’s not sure why. Greeted by a witch while trying to rent a room, Eliza is greatly disturbed by what she learns. According to a legend, those who arrive in Devil’s Valley, never leave. Unwilling to accept some crazy myth, Liza goes to Gideon’s Hall looking for the vampire who can change her fate.

Convinced Liza is the mate they’ve awaited, Jake and Nicholas Devil dupe her so she can’t leave Gideon’s Hall until Gideon can meet her. When Gideon sees Liza a few hours later, he’s mesmerized. He soon realizes his attraction is mate lust but since Nicholas is the youngest “Devil” son and they can’t share a mate, he seeks answers by turning to a dangerous witch.

Soon, Liza is inexplicably drawn to Gideon and Jake Devil, but she’s horrified to learn all the ways they’re connected. Inevitably doomed to a fated love thanks to a curse she can’t escape, Liza gives up her traveling dreams for two sexy vampires and a family full of blood drinkers. And she makes it her mission to find out about the witches and their curses so she can do whatever necessary to break them.


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