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Shannon West

Nick Darby has been in love with Carter since kindergarten when he stole Carter’s cookies and made him cry. Best friends all through school, they’ve stuck together through everything—except Nick’s declaration that he’s in love with Carter. Carter is straight, and the argument they have in their senior year of college finally ends their relationship for good when Carter says something unforgivable. Carter wishes he could take the insult back the minute he says it, but it’s too late. Nick disappears from his life and vows never to see him again.

But Carter finds after a few years that he can’t live without Nick, and he comes to the small college town where Nick is now teaching to confess his love for him and to try to salvage their relationship. He’s beginning to realize that he wants Nick back in any capacity—whatever Nick still wants. Will Nick accept his apology after so much time has passed? And will it take a Christmas miracle for the two of them to find their way back to each other?



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