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Blackwater Falls: Dark of the Moon

Shannon West and Susan E. Scott


Sheriff Hawke Sutherland is feeling stressed. The next dark of the moon is coming to his little town of Blackwater Falls and several young ones are coming of age. They could be hard to handle until they have some experience in controlling themselves. All he can do is try to manage them with the help of the other townspeople. The important thing is to stay calm and try to keep everyone out of the little mountain town for the next few days. Since nobody ever comes to Blackwater Falls anyway, it should be easy…but then a handsome young census taker shows up out of the blue and threatens everything.

From the moment Jace Miller sets foot in Blackwater Falls, he realizes that something isn’t right. From the hostile reception he receives to the strange uneasiness of the residents. The big, good looking sheriff has told him in no uncertain terms to get out of town by nightfall and to come back later. He complies, but on the way down the mountain, his old truck quits running. Walking back up the dark mountain road in the dark, he hears strange sounds in the woods around him. When he’s attacked by a huge mountain lion, he thinks he’s facing certain death, but awakes the next morning to find that handsome sheriff has rescued him. The attraction grows between them over the next few days as Jace recovers, but Hawke is strangely reluctant to let Jace leave. Why? Jace finds himself enmeshed in intrigue and his tentative new bond with the sheriff is threatened. What dark secrets are hidden in Blackwater Falls?



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