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“She’s dead. She drowned as a child. Go away. Go away before he kills you too,” warned crazy Abigail, Jenny’s sister.

Kyle wasn’t given the chance to heed the warning and leave, not that he would have. He had a twelve year old debt to pay. Abbey was right. They did try to kill him.

Nearly dead, delirious or crazy, he was certain the woman he saw glowing in the moonlight had to be Jenny. The old man who found him said it was, grown up in the beyond to come back to haunt her father for throwing her into the creek and killing her sister’s man, driving poor Abbey crazy. Believing he wouldn’t live to unravel the mystery, Kyle made one request of George: send word so they don’t wonder what happened to me, but don’t tell them anything more than I died.

Word was sent, not that he died, but that he needed help. The call was answered, but can they battle a ghost, a town owned by the killer, and will they even find Kyle still alive?



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