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Coven: A Butch/Femme Dark Urban Witch Fantasy


Supernatural Souls, Book 1

When Fire witch Sheridan Sullivan—alone after the death of her mother—moves to Florida and meets Dylan Bellamy, she thinks she's found a family with Dylan and the Coven of the New Moon, despite a rocky start. It doesn't hurt that Dylan is a powerful butch Water witch who calls to Sheridan’s femme soul and Fire essence as no one ever has before.

Sheridan is startled to find out she's been touched by the God and the Goddess as the new Thirteenth witch of the coven’s inner circle—the Anchor, the one who tethers the entire coven to its foundation of potent magick to keep the Earth realm balanced and protected. But...

There are black magick sorcerers trapped in the corrupted Dark realm of Trom-Laighe who want Sheridan. Led by an evil demon named Cassius Deimos—along with his lieutenant, Sheridan’s black magick warlock father Michael O’Rourke—they want the flame-haired Fire witch, who is also the Balance of the entire Universe. They are determined to steal her for themselves and bind her magick, so the Coven of the New Moon—including Dylan, the coven’s Portal, who can lift the veil and open the portals between any of the realms in the Universe at will—is left unbalanced and unprotected...even as Deimos, O’Rourke, and their evil Nightmares are set free to wreak chaos and destruction in a Universe without Light.

In the race against a poisoned Dark world, the New Moon coven’s inner circle must destroy the malevolent evil that threatens the very existence of every world in the cosmos—before it's too late.

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