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Blackwater Falls: Cougar Country

Shannon West and Susan E. Scott


The last place Kyle thought he’d ever come back to was Blackwater Falls.


He’d come there as a boy when his father married a shifter, and left town after high school when he’d had his heart broken by one of them. His qualifications could have landed him a position in a big city, making good money, but he was through with stress and drama. Being Military Police for all of those years and a couple of tours in Afghanistan had pretty much chewed him up and spit him out. What was left felt like a burnt out shell most days. He’d taken a job as Hawke Sutherland’s new deputy as a last resort. If he could stand to be around the shifters, he might just be able to do this.


Spencer Sutherland takes one look at him and knows Kyle’s the mate he’s been waiting for, but Kyle has serious commitment issues, and he’d vowed long ago never to become involved with a shifter again.


Is Kyle ready to take a chance on love and find what he’s been searching for all along?


Sometimes love has a way of finding you whether you’re ready or not.

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