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Speak of the Devil

Shannon West

Speak of the Devil - 1.jpg

Noah and his sheriff, Nick Moody, have been getting along so well it’s almost like magic. But when a savage animal kills the town mayor in the woods beside his home, trouble rears its demonic head, and some very dark magic begins to spell trouble for the two men. Nick claims to love Noah and wants to build a life with him, but when he overhears a conversation between Noah and Gran, he begins to wonder if he’s been under a magic spell all this time—one that Noah devised for him. He thinks Noah may have tricked and deceived him, and Noah doesn’t know if he can ever him for that.

The appearance of a strange little cat in Gran’s basement, with a pentagram shaved on its forehead causes Gran and Rose to think the cat is Noah’s familiar, but Noah isn’t so sure—especially after the kitten tries to lead him into a trap. With their relationship in serious trouble, and someone or some thing trying to get rid of Noah, the couple tries to navigate their way through demons and murder to find their way back together again.

Speak of the Devil is the second book in the Raising Hell romantic gay mystery series. If you like characters with a southern flair, sexy romance and spooky, good fun, then you’ll love Shannon West’s new book. Why not raise a little hell today?

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