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Marco has made the heart wrenching decision to leave the pack after a stunning decision by the council.   To add insult to injury, Ian, his beta and best friend, agrees with the council, and they have  asked  a new alpha to take Marco's place if he refuses.   Furious, Marco storms out, renouncing his leadership and vowing to start a new pack, one not bound by the old-fashioned laws and beliefs of the Dark Hollows pack. Joined by his most loyal pack members, Marco knows that the days ahead will be dangerous and challenging.


On an isolated mountain trail, Marco's pack is ambushed and attacked by the very men he once called friends.  Nicky, Logan and Landry are all taken, and something shocking happens, something so tragic that it stuns all the alphas and unites them in their need for revenge. With violence and intrigue swirling around him, Marco has to rely only on his instincts and his ingenuity. He needs to discover who his allies and his enemies really are if he and Nicky are to make it out of this alive.

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