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Witches of the Big Easy:
Christmas at Ravenswood

Shannon West

With Christmas almost upon them, Valen begins to remember his holidays as a young boy and how much he used to enjoy them. And when Julian’s son, Marchand, comes over to invite them to his holiday party, Julian reminds him that they are “children of the night” and that “vampires don’t do Christmas.”

But when Valen goes ahead with plans to decorate the old Ravenwood mansion and puts up a Christmas tree, Julian starts an argument that quickly escalates. Now Valen is alone on Christmas, and he doesn’t know when or even if Julian might be coming back.

Julian and Valen’s Christmas story has humor, some kinky, sexy action with a BDSM flavor and—vampires. What more could you ask?

This MM short story contains characters from the Big Easy series, and while it isn’t necessary to read them first, it might be fun.

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