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Catching His Fancy

The year is 1863 and the Battle of Chickamauga is about to begin outside Chattanooga, TN. On the eve of battle, a handsome young Confederate major steps in to save the life of a young runaway soldier, captured by the Home Guard. The more he is around this soldier, the more he finds himself strangely attracted. When he discovers this young “boy” is not a boy at all, but a beautiful woman named Fancy, he is astounded.

Fancy is an escaped slave, running from a cruel master who is following close behind her. When the master finds her, the major must take action to save her, or risk losing her forever. Filled with hairbreadth escapes, and exciting action, this is a love story about two people who are worlds apart and yet discover an enduring and passionate love that will lead them into a world fraught with danger and prejudice at every turn.

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