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Catch a Falling Star
Shawn Bailey

Jin-Ho Jo had everything -- looks, popularity, a designer wardrobe, millions of fans, and a job with one of the largest entertainment agencies in South Korea. Then one night at a party a few months ago, his entire life changed when someone spiked his drink with a drug. He not only ended up in the hospital suffering from seizures, but he also got blacklisted and his contract sold to an American company. Jin-Ho has always wanted to visit the United States, but on tour, not on a permanent basis. He knew how to speak English, not Spanish, which he discovered that ninety-nine percent of the employees of the Acosta Entertainment Group spoke. So here he was barely twenty-one years old, alone, vulnerable, and friendless in a foreign country trying to get back his career as the number one K-pop idol in the world.

Cortez Acosta didn’t know what he was getting into when he assisted a guy having seizures on the men’s room floor in a hotel in Mexico City after a big concert. Less than an hour before he’d seen the same guy, Jin-Ho Jo performing on stage, along with three other members of the K-pop group, Part D. He could have, should have walked away. Not only had he been conned into buying the guy’s contract when his current employer was trying to throw him on the streets, but he had somehow promised to help him win back the respect of his fandom, while trying to clear up his reputation and image. Once he looked down into Jin-Ho’s soulful brown eyes, Cortez found it was a challenge he couldn’t resist.

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