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Born To Run

Shannon West

When powerful alpha and bounty hunter Bodhi Matera is hired by another alpha to go after his runaway omega son, Bodhi thinks it’ll be an easy task. After all the beautiful omega is working as an escort in Las Vegas, so all he has to do is go to a hotel and order him up like room service. But when Ethan, the gorgeous little omega, arrives, Bodhi finds out fate has played a dirty trick on him. This omega, who belongs to another man, might just be his own true mate. Bodhi is determined to do the right thing, however, and honor the contract he has with the other alpha, not realizing powerful forces are working behind the scenes to deceive and manipulate him. When Ethan manages to escape, Bodhi must track him down again, and this time the animosity—and heady attraction—that simmers between them bubbles over when the two are face to face again.

A pregnant omega, powerful rivals, bitter family secrets and unforgivable lies—can Bodhi navigate through it all and keep his mate? Or is his relationship doomed to failure once Bodhi learns the truth?

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