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Beast's Dark Night
LL Brooks

The past would not leave the lovers alone, drawing them into the death waiting in the Beast’s dark night.

A peaceful future was lost when the mother of Brand’s son returned, claimed she’d hidden a second son and wanted money to tell where he was. With the lies she’s already told, Brand demanded she take him to the child, before she gets any money. When he and Daniel reach New Orleans, truth or lie, the only thing they’re certain of is she drew them back into hatred left behind by a dead enemy, mutated and festering in the mind of one insane.

The hatred spread to more than just Brand and any wolf shifter. Any the new enemy, the trépied du mal, deemed abnormal were to die. With the promise of death, the trépied cast spells over all who answered the call for help, either tearing apart lovers, mates, friends, and allies, or have them love each other to death. They had to find a defense in more than Brand and the few others who could hide their thoughts, or the mind bender would destroy them.

Can Brand and Daniel fight off the spell before their love is destroyed? Can they win a seemingly hopeless battle against what seems an immortal foe who turned passion into a weapon?

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