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For months Caleb Falcon has been avoiding a real estate mogul from Atlanta who’s been trying to buy his ancestral lands in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Falcon, a bear shifter and the town sheriff, wants only to be left alone and he’s not looking to make any changes in his life in the foreseeable future. That is, until he stops a big, expensive SUV flying up the mountain road to Falcon’s Ridge and meets its sexy driver, Connor Rhodes. Falcon knows instantly that Connor is his mate, but he also learns that Connor is the son of the real estate developer who’s after his land, and that he hates being in the country with no city conveniences and no electronics that work. A romance between them has no chance of working out.


Connor is struggling with his feelings too, but he’s up for a sexy fling with the handsome, burly cop, and he’s sure he can simply walk away when it’s time to go back home. They both try to ignore their feelings for each other and the passion that has ignited between them, but the urge to mate is growing worse every day, and if Connor doesn’t stop flaunting his body in that skimpy underwear, Falcon won’t be responsible for what happens. They both have to learn to face the truth about themselves and find their own inner strengths before they can come together, and discover that the mutual attraction they feel isn’t just a pleasant diversion, but a love that will change both of their lives forever.



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