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Her Cowboy Wolf: Ava's Story

T. Lee Garland

She risked her life to get to him. He’ll risk his to keep her as his mate.

Ava Wright has spent her entire life feeling alone in the Red Wolf pack where her father is Alpha. Her unique visions made her a victim of suspicion and fear among the pack, and she had been kept isolated and a virtual prisoner. When a vision of her true mate comes to her, she fights her way free to find him.

River James is Alpha of the Big Dog pack of Montana. He has long given up on finding his true mate after watching both his younger brother and sister find theirs and marry. When word comes that a young woman has been found beaten and naked in his town, River races to the location, only to take one look at her and know she’s his true mate. But Ava has secrets - secrets that could endanger the entire Big Dog pack.



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