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Abigail Sinclair

Abigail never wanted to be anything when she grew up. So she tried, at least for a little while, to be a lot of things. In the end, what she was best at was going to Costco and forgetting the milk because she was too busy planning her last stand during the zombie apocalypse. This forced her to actually sit down and write. When not writing she enjoys living in Hawaii and experimenting with hobbies. In the last twelve months she's embroidered 3 feet of the bayeux tapestry (the feast part, not King Harold getting in the eye), badly drawn a slice of life comic, learned to crochet, and taken up aerial silks and lyra. Next year she may learn a few words of Japanese and how to throw a pot. Or how to change her own oil. Whatever the future may hold, Abigail and her imaginary pet cat would like you to pick up some milk the next time you go out, because she can't be trusted to remember. Honestly Abigail doesn't care, she's lactose intolerant, but the cat would like some.


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