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Nicolas and Luca don’t like one another but they’re fated mates. Quentin swings both ways but he’s destined to find love in the opposite sex. Jagger isn’t the romantic type, yet he’ll receive a mating call. Dante Devonshire is waiting on a woman, a mortal female that William believes he’s already bedded. And Kaleo just sits back and takes it all in.  

Kristen Lee’s imagination is working overtime. She’s hanging out with vampires and a black dragon is looking for her. Living out a paranormal catastrophe, Kristen saves her partner from blood sucking captors one minute and then offers her blood to fang bangers the very next!

What a mess.

As stories unfold, Kristen wonders if there are more facts in fiction. Has her life become a whirlwind of adventure or is she trapped in a dream and destined to wake up all alone?



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