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An Alpha To Love   (Supremacy of Wolves 5)

Omega Channing Jacobs has been captured by the wolves after being found in a rebel camp, but he has secrets to tell his old lover, Territorial Alpha, Maxim St. Clair. Fate and bitter circumstance once conspired to part Channing from Maxim, leaving Maxim bitter and unwilling to forgive him. But time is running out and Channing has to make him listen. Despite his enduring love for his Alpha, Channing has to try to keep his heart from getting too involved, because his secret is one that could change everything for both of them, and it’s one that Channing will literally give his life to protect.

It’s been years since Maxim has seen Channing, his omega mate, and he wanted to greet the beautiful young man without passion and anger overwhelming him because of their volatile past together. Channing had left Maxim a year and a half before without a word and Maxim’s pride wouldn’t allow him to go after him. Now Channing has landed back in his life like a falling star. Maxim wants to be cold and indifferent to Channing and give him what he deserves, but the moment he sees him, he realizes he can’t follow through on his plan. He feels nothing but lust for him. He absolutely doesn’t love him. His heart is no longer involved in any way, because an alpha can’t be in love with a faithless omega—so why does the word love keep leaking out of him like coffee from a cracked cup?



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