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The Half-Breed Chronicles: Alpha's Moon

Ryker Mondai was waiting for a chance to escape the prisoner of war camp he’d been thrown into three cycles before after his planet had been attacked and defeated by the Alliance forces. Half-Venuvian, half-Lycan, he’d never really belonged in his home world, but he owed it to his mother, the queen of Venuvia, to fight by her side, especially after his only brother was cruelly killed by the Vice Consul of the Alliance, Luther Columbo.


Ryker has sworn a blood oath to avenge his brother by wiping out not only Columbo, but his entire family. When he finally gets his chance to escape, though, he finds he has to make a choice, kill Columbo or leave him behind on the penal colony and face him another day to get his men to safety. He chooses his men and escapes on Columbo’s private ship. Once they search the cabins, however, they find someone Columbo left behind.


The gorgeous young man, Lex, tells Ryker he’s the Vice Consul’s aide, but Ryker suspects he’s his love slave. He’s immediately drawn toward Lex and makes him his own love slave, and then a trader takes one look at him and reveals his true identity—Lex is Columbo’s only son. Ryker is faced with an impossible choice.


Does he take his revenge and kill the young man, or keep him for his own? Can he keep the one he loves or is he honor bound to seek vengeance?

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