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All Tied Up For Christmas

Shannon West & TS McKinney

Kicked out of his home by his parents when they found out he was gay, Nicholas Angel has been on his own since he was just a kid. Helped along by his natural talent and a lot of luck, he is now a member of a popular rock band and living a life that’s more than a little out of control. He has filled his life with booze, sex, drugs and a little dog, almost as damaged as he is, who only needs love and discipline—just like Nicholas.

Enter Remington Christmas, famous in his own right as a former pro football star. Remington has had a tough life himself, but he overcame it, and now after his early retirement, he’s used his savings to buy Xposed, a hot new BDSM club. Everything’s almost perfect for Remington…except for his spoiled brat neighbor, Nicholas Angel.  From the first sound of loud partying drifting across the cul de sac, Remington has been itching to teach the brat a little bit of control.

Their meeting is explosive, their attraction is instantaneous, and Remington soon learns that Nicholas isn’t the enemy, but a beautiful submissive he desperately wants for his own.

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