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Emer is a man with a secret, one that he's been hiding for a very long time. He doesn't let that stand in the way of his successful career as an executive chef, however, or his unrequited love for his longtime friend Lachlan, a handsome fisherman who supplies fresh seafood to Emer's restaurant. But then his world is turned upside down by the arrival of WRAITH agents Aydin and Sean, who are on a mission to locate and shut down the goblin lord who's thought to be manufacturing a highly addictive drug in the human realm and then smuggling it back to Vargr, putting the demon world at risk.


As the four men face a race against time to uncover the truth behind the highly addictive aphrodisiac, Emer is forced to reveal his secret, but in doing so must risk losing Lachlan forever. However, will Emer be prepared for the shock he receives in return, one that threatens not only his love, but their lives as well?

Excerpt of  Addiction



With a curt nod, Aydin strode into the Blood Gate. As Quillon directed, Aydin headed straight ahead. The increased prickling of his skin seemed to indicate he was going in the right direction.


The house came into view, and Aydin picked up his pace. As much as he hated what he was about to do, there was really no alternative. Smoke billowed from his nostrils, as much due to his anger at what he intended to do as it was to make his appearance even more ferocious. He was sure Gethin’s men were watching the house.


He stormed into the púcas’ home. Smashing and throwing items that looked replaceable, Aydin avoided touching anything that he considered to be of sentimental value. As he hoped, his presence soon attracted goblin interest.

Two warriors dressed in leather and iron attacked him, looking to subdue rather than harm him. Aydin happily worked off some of his fury in fighting them. His gargoyle inheritance made his skin resilient to even a firm sword stroke, and he easily absorbed punches from the goblins fists.


A trained warrior in his own right, Aydin quickly exerted his superiority over his assailants. He twisted one goblin’s wrist until it snapped. His attacker dropped away shrieking in pain. Relentlessly he attacked the other, fending off blow after blow until sweat ran in rivulets down the warrior’s face and body, impeding his vision and loosening his grip on his sword.


Bored with teasing, Aydin lunged. He swatted the sword aside and wrapped one hand around the goblin’s throat. He drew his lips back to display his teeth, letting smoke drift free from his nostrils. He lifted the creature up high in the air, where the goblin kicked and scrabbled futilely at his throat.


“You have one chance to keep your worthless life. Who sent you here?”


“Lord Gethin. Lord Gethin.” The name came wheezing past the goblin’s lips.


A satisfied smirk curled Aydin’s lips, and he shook the hapless goblin for good measure. “So it’s true. He has what I seek. I’ll tell him he needs tougher soldiers.” Aydin lowered his prey, and smashed his fist into the goblin’s face. Releasing his grip, Aydin let the unconscious creature fall from his grasp.


Looking around, he saw that the other goblin had gone. His smirk became a grim smile. Gethin would be expecting him, but Aydin wasn’t concerned. The goblin lord would want to know how Aydin apparently knew about his illicit drug trade. He cracked his knuckles and blew a plume of smoke from his nostrils.


Elongating his wings, Aydin rose into the air. Gethin might have warriors on the ground, ready to ambush anyone approaching on foot, but there was no way for him to guard the skies in the same way.


Even if Gethin did have a few archers among his men, Aydin remain unconcerned. His gargoyle skin was impervious to normal arrows, knives and sword blades. The goblin lord would need a platoon of archers for Aydin’s skin to finally lose its resilience. He flew silently forward, his gaze seeking the clearance in the forest that he knew heralded the entrance to Gethin’s underground kingdom.


You’re in for a big fall, Gethin.

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