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A Very Whimsy Christmas


A Whimsical Dreams Novella

When Clementine Martin returns to her native Florida from Woodbridge, Virginia with her best friend Rowan Holland and Rowan's sister Kelly, the petite streetwise femme has no idea she’s about to meet the one butch who can handle her and her strong personality.

Remy Baumann of Armstrong Protection Services is Teagan Malloy's second-in-command, a quiet telecommunications wizard who decides on the spot that Clem is hers to protect when the feisty Whimsy Creative Arts Center director puts herself in danger. The unlikely pair start living together in blissful domestic happiness—until Clem’s larcenous cousin shows up, that is.

Waylon “Screech” Holt is a member of Clem’s dysfunctional family, a shady petty thief determined to use his family ties to Clementine to rob the artists and clients of the WAC’s holiday open house with his felonious crew. APS and Remy are equally determined to keep Clem, her friends, and the WAC safe from Screech and his gang—but Clementine shows everyone exactly what happens when you piss off the wrong femme.

‘Tis the season for a very Whimsy Christmas.

Author's Note: This novella is not a standalone story. It will make the most sense if it is not read before you have finished Book 3 of the Whimsical Dreams series.

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